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Mole-Wart Removal

Mole / Wart Removal Treatment at Meadows Wellnes

All You Know About

Warts are growths with rough surfaces or flat and smooth surfaces. Moreover, these can be light or dark in pigmentation

Dos & Don’ts for Getting Warts

DO: Treat the wart in the initial stages itself.
DO: Maintain good self-hygiene and care.
DO: Use broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. DO: Exfoliate regularly.

DON’T: Pick at the wart or mole.
DON’T: Try to remove the wart yourself.
DON’T: Share towels, socks, or gloves with others.
DON’T: Walk in public places without your shoes.

All You Know About

Type of Mole/Wart

• Common warts:
These are mainly found on hands, around nails and knees but can occur anywhere on the body. Moreover, these warts are rough, grainy and have a rounded top. In fact, these are usually brownish in colour.
• Plantar warts:
These grow into the skin of the soles of the feet. The growth of a plantar wart indicates a blackish lesion with pain on the pressure in the bottom of the foot with surrounding hard skin.
• Flat warts:
These are found on the face, back of hands, and shins. Moreover, flat warts are small, multiple, smooth, and flat-topped skin or hyperpigmented lesions.
• Filiform warts:
These are soft, thin, finger-like growths present mainly on the face and neck.

• Periungual warts:
These are found under and around the toenails and fingernails. They can be painful and can also interfere with healthy nail growth.
Treatments of Warts
There are several treatment modalities for treating warts. The objective of the treatments available is to remove the wart and also to enable the immune system to effectively fight the virus.
• Electrosurgery:
In this treatment, an electrical charge burns the wart tissue. As a result, this causes the tissue to dry and fall off. Moreover, electrosurgery is effective for a single wart or a small area. However, if not done properly it could leave scars for large areas of warts.
• Topical application – Clinic based
In this treatment, various agents such as salicylic acids or podophyllin, or trichloroacetic acids are applied directly on warts causing their destruction. However, this requires multiple sessions. And results can be sometimes unpredictable.

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