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ALGO GENE+ YOUTH Restore - Range of Facials for a younger and firmer look

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Algo Gene +

Algo Gene + Youth restore range offers a combination of dermatological active ingredients and powerful marine biological extracts including the ALGOGENE (4), patent, a major discovery that activates 35 youth genes. Our skin therapists concentrate the power of Algotherm in professional treatments to treat skin aging and various epidermal problems of the face and body. With an integration with most recent scientific discoveries, we offer optimized professional treatments, combining marine active ingredients— inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques — such as niacinamide, high concentration vitamin C, hyaluronic acids. at targeted molecular weights for high assimilation capacity.

The scientifically studied combination of these active ingredients now allows us to offer an effective solution to each problem, each need of the skin. In its unique range to deliver Anti-Ageing Skin benefits we have introduces two exclusive ranges with expert formulations for a youthful skin :

Several factors, internal and external, impact skin health. Their consequences vary from person to person and require specific responses.

Anti-Ageing range of Algo Gene + facial range is dedicated to fight ageing factors with an expert cosmeceutical formulation, combining dermo cosmetic active ingredients and marine active ingredients, provides a targeted response and activated 25 youth genes. These are reformulated and tested under dermatological and/or ophthalmological control, our treatments will now be ever more responsible with a gradual shift towards formulas containing a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin, without silicone or mineral oils and with a maximum reduction of allergens. Even more sensory formulas, both in terms of texture and fragrance.

anti aging Treatment


Suggested for 45-55 years | Time : 60 mins | Procedure : 8 Steps

This is a comprehensive solution for combating signs of aging, from expression lines to wrinkles caused by structural changes, fatigue or dehydration.

• Anti-wrinkle action
• Epidermis moisturizing
• Redefine facial contour
• Reduce dark spot
• Absolute comfort
• Skin is smoothed



Suggested for 35-45 years | Time : 60 mins | Procedure : 8 Steps

Experience the incredible effects of this exceptional care specifically formulated to counteract prominent indications of aging.

• Firming action
• Skin supple
• Redefine facial contour
• Unify Complexion
• Soothes the skin
• Restore elasticity

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