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Microneedling PRP

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Microneedling PRP

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  • Micro needling is a non-invasive procedure whereby micro needles are used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin. The micro needle stimulates collagen production in the skin without damaging the skin. Effects of skin needling on acne scars are even better when the treatments are combined with vitamin C or PRP. When micro needling is combined with PRP, the therapy may be referred as “collagen induction therapy”.

People may consider having micro needling with PRP if they want to treat certain marks or blemishes on the body or face for cosmetic reasons. Practitioners may use micro needling with PRP to treat:
Who should take this?
1. For Skin Brightening & Pigmentation, PRP is combined with main line of treatments
2. For Acne Scar Reduction, PRP can be combined with Micro needling and Laser to enhance results
3. PRP can be used as Anti-Ageing treatments or as a maintenance therapy.
4. PRP helps in maintaining Skin Health
5. PRP gives good results when combined with Eye Peels for Dark Circles
6. For Hair Fall & Hair regrowth PRP is combined with Hair Meso Therapies and Hair Booster Therapies
7. Post Hair Transplant, PRP helps in boosting Hair Regrowth
The addition of PRP to micro needling may speed up the healing process and stimulate skin renewal, potentially producing better results than micro needling alone.

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