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Derma Roller – Scalp

“Derma Roller Treatment Is a Restorative Procedure To Revive The Natural Growth Of Hair Follicle. It’s Lot Better Than Artificial Fillers and Transplants!”

How it works: Derma roller is an instrument that consists of a handle and a roller which is studded with very fine needles. The length of these needles varies from 0.5 mm to 2.5mm. The Derma roller is rolled across the affected area with a minimal pressure. The needles penetrate the skin creating tiny punctures of varying depths depending on the length of needles. The process is done till fine bleeding points are seen. The physical damage done by puncturing the Epidermis and Dermis causes an inflammatory tissue reaction to repair the damage. The inflammatory reaction stimulates the Dermal Fibroblasts to activate follicles.

Derma rollers on the scalp help stimulate reactivation of hair growth cycle resulting in better hair growth and facilitate hair fall reduction. It is highly recommended to take repeat sessions in a gap of 20-30 days for best results.

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