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Laser Hair Reduction

Get Freedom form Painful Monthly Waxing with Hair Reducation Treatment

Why Laser Hair Reduction?

Traditional hair removal methods are temporary which also irritates your skin & might accelerate hair density. Traditional & ineffective ways of hair removal results in more ingrown hair and tend to increase hair folliculitis. Its even more painful and troublesome in case of Facial Hair. The only possible solution to fix the above is to switch to Laser.

Benefits of Laser

  1.  PERMANENT RESULTS – Laser Results are long lasting and stays for years unlike Waxing or Razor.
  2.  PAINLESS PROCEDURE – Say Bye to painful wax and waxing schedules.
  3.  SMOOTH SILKY SKIN – No Ingrown Hair & no scarring or downtime.
  4.  SAVES MONEY – Lifetime cost saving as it gives permanent results with just one time investment unlike Waxing, which has recurring costs & hassles.
  5.  HYGIENE & SCIENTIFIC – Sessions are fast , hygienic and US FDA Approved Technology.
  6.  ONE TIME INVESTMENT – No recurring costs of Laser unlike other methods.
  7.  No More monthly waxing schedules.

Laser Hair Removal Vs Other Hair Removal Methods Like Waxing & Razor


Less Frequent than Shaving
Hair takes longer to grow back
Medium Investment per session
1. Temporary Solution
2. Need optimum hair growth between sessions
3. Painful as waxing hurts
4. Overall costs is high as sessions are due life long
5. Cannot treat Ingrown hair
6. Leave Rashes & Red Spots.


1. Permanent Solution
2. Treats Ingrown Hairs
3. No Prickly Skin
4. Costs are significantly cheaper in long run
5. Painless Procedure
6. Sessions are very convenient, hygienic and Scientific
1. Need to visit a Specialized Clinic
2. Costs per sessions are higher in shorter duration if compared to other methods.


1. Can be Done at Home
2. Lowest Investment per Session
1. Temporary Solution - You'll never be "done" with Shaving
2. Hair growth comes back quickly
3. Costs add up significantly over lifetime
4. Razor Bumps irritation, Ingrown Hairs and minor cuts.

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