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Regular Skin Care

Keep your Skin clean and maintained. Ranging from a simple Manicure pedicure to exotic cocktail Manicure Pedicures, we have it all. All our pedicures include scrubbing and deep skin exfoliation to get you baby soft skin. You will enjoy all our services on our centre sensorial working to give you complete relaxation.

Services: Threading, Bleach, Detan, Peel Waxing, Manicure-Pedicure, Argan Oil Waxing, Makeup etc.

Skin Care

Body Care

Body Massage

Our bodies need as much love and care as our hands, face and feet but most of the time they are covered away in clothes and forgotten. Our body treatments assure that added feel good factor along with great benefits to your general health, the benefits that your body reaps from the massages are miraculous.

Services:  Body Massage, Body Polishing, Body Spa, Back Massage

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