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Chemical Peels

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Chemical Peels

What is it?
In India, from ancient times, as a part of home remedy, many natural products are applied to keep the skin healthy. Lemon juice is applied on face which is rich in citric acid. Similarly, turmeric is applied for a brighter and glowing skin, which contains traces of curcumin. Also, milk, which is a rich source of lactic acid is considered beneficial for a radiant skin. These all are gifts of mother nature, which contain marvellous natural substances that are beneficial for the skin.
Chemical Peels are nothing but a stronger concentrated form of these natural extracts and active ingredients. Such concentrates are emanated from the choicest organic sources in its purest form and applied on skin by a dermatologist to treat certain acne, pigmentation and to achieve best health for the skin

Chemical Peels

Treatment Benefits
Skin Lighting Tan Removal Remove Spots Treat Blemishes Treat Oily Skin Improve Scars Soften Wrinkles Cure Dark Circle Face Redness/Rosacea Cure Truncal Acne Melasma Treatment

How is it done?
• Peel is applied very carefully by our expert aesthetic dermatologist. Skin is first thoroughly cleansed so that no other product is present on face. Sensitive areas of face around eyes, lips and nose are protected. Peel is applied on face starting from most resistant to most sensitive areas as judged by dermatologist.
• There are different types of peel for different problems and for every different peel a unique application time is set that is maintained by the aesthetician.
• Also, every peel has a different end point which the dermatologist is aware of.
• After its end point peel is wiped from the skin with fresh water. For some peels that are leave on peel are left on skin for 8-12 hours.
• For best results combination of peel are used in single session that only our skin experts will recommend depending on the skin type, texture and skin concern.

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