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GFC Hair Fall Treatment

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GFC Hair Loss Treatment

Regain lost hair and reduce hair fall! The GFC hair loss treatment can improve hair thickness, strengthen the hair shaft and stimulate hair growth. GFC uses the activated growth factors from your blood platelets to trigger the growth phase in the hormonally challenged hair roots.
Our platelets store various growth factors. Meadows Wellness doctors can extract these growth factors from a person’s own blood in high concentration as a GFC in exclusively designed kits. Dermatologists inject GFC into the scalp, thus inserting that person’s own growth factors and stimulating hair regrowth.
The process is safe because it is non-pyrogenous and does not involve platelet loss. Besides, it fosters the natural regeneration of damaged tissues.

What are the advantages of Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy?
GFC Therapy is the next-generation hair loss treatment that delivers one’s growth factors at higher concentrations.
• Highly effective and promotes natural and enhanced regeneration.
• Statistically significant increase in hair count and thickness guaranteed.
• Increased hair count and thickness
• 100% safe and prepared from the candidate’s blood.
• Zero RBCs and WBCs involved, which decreases pain and inflammation risk.
• Convenience and quality are guaranteed from the procedure.
• Less number of sessions are required to get optimum results.

How is Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy or GFC helpful?
• It considerably reduces hair fall and rejuvenates hair follicles.
• It improves hair thickness and volume.
• It strengthens the hair grafts and promotes hair growth.
Who are the best candidates for Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy?
GFC therapy is equally effective for males and females with the early or late signs of Alopecia. However, to ensure, it is essential to get your scalp diagnosed by specialized doctors. They will suggest the best possible treatment for your hair loss.
Who Should Go for GFC Treatment for Hair Loss?
GFC treatment is effective for males and females with early or late Alopecia signs. But people looking to undergo the treatment should consult a dermatologist to understand its suitability. Dermatologists will diagnose the condition and determine if the treatment is feasible in their case and suggest alternatives.
THE GFC Growth Factor Concentrate is one of the most trusted Dermatological treatments available today for Hair restoration.

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