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Microdermabrasion (MDA)

What is it?
It is a scientific and hi-tech method to remove dead skin from face, which is safe and effective with no side effects.
Dead skin is a common phenomenon and we generally tend to scrub or cleanse our face to eliminate it. This practise is harmful, as the facial skin is very delicate and wrong product and wrong amount of pressure can damage the skin which may lead to redness, acne and rashes. The best alternative for the above is MDA. It can be done every 15-20 days for oily skin and monthly for sensitive skin to keep it clean and glowing in its natural form.

Micro needling - Dermapen

How is it done?
First, we properly cleanse the skin – we will remove all makeup along with dust from the skin. Then microdermabrasion machine is connected with a handheld device that is moved across your face starting from the forehead then coming down to the cheeks, nose and chin and lastly the neck part. It is not a painful procedure, one will only feel a small amount of suction coming out of the handheld device, it has tips of different sizes for different areas of the body.
And this will gently remove all the dead skin from the face along with impurities deep from the pores.

• Skin looks healthier by removing dead cells from the skin
• Helps in removal of tanning by sun exposure
• Aids in skin rejuvenation by removing fine lines, blemishes, age spots
• Removal of blackheads, and impurities from pores
• Unclog skin pores and reduce acne eruptions on face
• Better penetration of product applied on face
• Microdermabrasion can also be a maintenance procedure used to treat hyperpigmentation that affects the epidermis only (superficial scarring).
• Microdermabrasion is also used to address texture concerns. These include: acne scars, age spots, Chicken pox scars, injury scars, sun damage.

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