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Botox – Muscle Relaxers

Also known as Botulinum Toxin Type A, Botox is formed from the bacteria which cause botulism. The Botulinum toxin causes a reduction in muscle activity temporarily by blocking the nerve activity in the muscles. Botox is known to be used for the treatment of cervical dystonia and muscle spasms in the upper and lower limbs as well. It is also used in treating severe underarm sweating. Certain Eye conditions which have been caused due to nerve disorders are also treated using it. Overactive bladder and incontinence caused due to nerve disorders like spinal cord injury etc. are also treated using it. It is also used in cosmetic procedures to temporarily reduce facial wrinkles.

The ideal candidate for the this treatment has to be in excellent physical health and above 18 years of age. The degree of effectiveness of the treatment may vary from one patient to another.

What areas of the body can be treated with Botox Cosmetic?
Cosmetically, the injectable can be used in the following areas:
• the area between the eyebrows (glabellar region), to treat moderate to severe frown lines
• around the eyes, commonly known as crow’s feet lines
• Botox also received FDA approval to treat various medical problems, including:
• overactive bladder
• excessive underarm sweating
• lower limb spasticity
• chronic migraines

Due to its various benefits, many men and women opt for the this treatment to improve their facial aesthetics. Here are a few of its benefits:
• Non-surgical Solution for Lines & Wrinkles:
Many women want to experience flawless skin without the aid of surgical enhancement. Invasive in nature, the Botox treatment can help to treat wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead, neck, and around the mouth.
• Decreases Excessive Sweating:
Many men and women suffer from excessive under arm sweating which causes a lot of embarrassment. A simple treatment using Botox can help to treat this and minimize the regularity of this problem.
• May Reduce Migraines:
Few patients have reported a decrease in the in their migraine headaches. This then can be beneficial for those who suffer from chronic headaches.
To improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines and crow’s feet lines, It is the only approved treatment. Being one of the most extensively researched medical aesthetic treatments, it is now a trusted and reliable treatment. Due to its significant results in improving the facial aesthetics, it is widely used by people all around the world. This treatment in combination with Fillers can reduce your visible age by several years.

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