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Get Freedom form Painful Monthly Waxing with Hair Reducation Treatment

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction

Zero Downtime

Non invasive & FDA approved technology with absolutely zero downtime.

No Side Effects

Laser Hair Reduction is safe. Infact Laser also targets in growth.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Laser offers a permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hair.

Pain Free Technology

Meadows offers the latest ice cool technology which is absolutely Pain Free.


Laser is cost effective in long run as compared to never ending cost cycles of waxing.

Suitable For
All Skin Types

Laser is suitable for all skin types including most sensitive skin.

What is Laser Hair Reduction ?

At MEADOWS Wellness, we offer the best technology for Laser Hair Reduction for both men and women to permanently reduce excess or unwanted hair. Using the advanced Laser technology, we treat clients every month who experience up to 90 – 97% reduction in hair growth & hair density. With industry experts over 20 years of experience, we are committed to bring in the best & advanced technology for all skin & Hair treatments, MEADOWS Wellness have become a Key Market Leader in Beauty & Wellness Industry.

Popular areas treated every day at our clinics include:

Face | Underarms Arms | Beard Shaping | Back | Shoulders | Chest | Bikini / Brazilian | Legs |Full Body

However, it’s possible to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth in nearly any area, except the eyelid or surrounding area.

Consultation for Laser Hair Reduction at MEADOWS Wellness.

Before starting your LASER journey for a Permanent Hair Reduction, we will conduct a FREE consultation with one of our experienced and highly trained Skin & Laser experts.

During the consultation, the consultant will explain the process to you, will do a Skin & Hair Analysis and will evaluate other factors which might be influencing your hair growth, answer any questions you have and carry out a patch test on a small area.

The Laser patch test will give you an idea of how the treatment will feel. The laser Consultant will then advise you on the best course of treatments to achieve your goal, a minimum of 6-8 sessions are usually recommended.

Our FAQs section covers many of the aspects discussed in the consultation. Following the consultation, if you choose to go ahead you can start the treatment immediately.

Why Laser Hair Reduction?

Traditional hair removal methods are temporary which also irritates your skin & might accelerate hair density. Traditional & ineffective ways of hair removal results in more ingrown hair and tend to increase hair folliculitis. Its even more painful and troublesome in case of Facial Hair. The only possible solution to fix the above is to switch to Laser.

Benefits of Laser

  1.  PERMANENT RESULTS – Laser Results are long lasting and stays for years unlike Waxing or Razor.
  2.  PAINLESS PROCEDURE – Say Bye to painful wax and waxing schedules.
  3.  SMOOTH SILKY SKIN – No Ingrown Hair & no scarring or downtime.
  4.  SAVES MONEY – Lifetime cost saving as it gives permanent results with just one time investment unlike Waxing, which has recurring costs & hassles.
  5.  HYGIENE & SCIENTIFIC – Sessions are fast , hygienic and US FDA Approved Technology.
  6.  ONE TIME INVESTMENT – No recurring costs of Laser unlike other methods.
  7.  No More monthly waxing schedules.

Laser Hair Removal Offers

All Offers valid for minimum 6 Sessions Booking only

Laser Hair Removal Vs Other Hair Removal Methods Like Waxing & Razor


Less Frequent than Shaving
Hair takes longer to grow back
Medium Investment per session
1. Temporary Solution
2. Need optimum hair growth between sessions
3. Painful as waxing hurts
4. Overall costs is high as sessions are due life long
5. Cannot treat Ingrown hair
6. Leave Rashes & Red Spots.


1. Permanent Solution
2. Treats Ingrown Hairs
3. No Prickly Skin
4. Costs are significantly cheaper in long run
5. Painless Procedure
6. Sessions are very convenient, hygienic and Scientific
1. Need to visit a Specialized Clinic
2. Costs per sessions are higher in shorter duration if compared to other methods.


1. Can be Done at Home
2. Lowest Investment per Session
1. Temporary Solution - You'll never be "done" with Shaving
2. Hair growth comes back quickly
3. Costs add up significantly over lifetime
4. Razor Bumps irritation, Ingrown Hairs and minor cuts.


The number of sessions would depend on multiple factors like—
a. Texture/ Thickness/ Density of Hair
b. Color of Hair
c. Hair Regrowth Tendency
Usually for an average growth and normal hair color it takes 6-8 sessions to do away with the Hair Regrowth. But the actual number of sessions would depend on the Analysis as there are multiple factors that affects the same.

The scientific approach we follow is to reduce the Hair Growth and finally to do away with the hair follicle, thus giving you a permanent solution. Our Counsellor will further let you know about the technology and its working. We would suggest that you come for the Free Counselling accompanied with FREE Skin & Hair Analysis and discuss the same over a cup of coffee. You will not need to pay anything till the time you are totally satisfied with the program and you decide to book the package, which will be customized specially for you.

The answer to this would totally depend on the hair re-growth tendency, which varies person to person. We would suggest that you come for the Free Counselling accompanied with FREE Skin & Hair Analysis and discuss the same over a cup of coffee. You will not need to pay anything till the time you are totally satisfied with the program and you decide to book the package, which will be customized specially for you.

You can expect a 10% to 25% reduction in hair after the first treatment but the expected results likely to come after the complete treatment. The results vary from patient to patient. The color and thickness of your hair, area treated, type of laser used, and color of your skin all affect the results.

To remove the hair, most patients need 6 to 8 laser treatments. After finishing the treatments, most patients do not see any hair on the treated skin for several months or even years. When the hair regrows, there tends to be less of it. The hairs also tend to be finer and lighter in color.

We prefer you not to do this as we do like to see the regrowth on the face at each session. However, if you have left a bigger interval, been in the sun and can’t have treatment for any reason then yes you can bleach. The hair is shaved off at the appointment so it won’t affect your treatment. Please do not bleach 1 week before your session as your skin may be too sensitive to laser and current hair situation cannot be judged.

No, in fact thicker and darker hair are best suited for laser. If you have hormonal hair, you will still see great results, but maintenance sessions might be needed.

One needs to take following precautions before & after each Laser Session:
1. Avoid Any Skin Treatment or using medicated creams on the area of Laser Treatment. (1 Week Before & After the Session)
2. Do not tan (outdoors and indoors).
3. Protect your skin by using sunscreen. You should apply the sunscreen every day before going outdoors. Apply sunscreen that is broad-spectrum, SPF 30+, and water-resistant.
4.Don’t Use Bleach / Razor or Hair Removal Creams. (before 7-10 days of Laser Session)

The accurate cost of the treatment can only be evaluated after a thorough analysis, but we have some attractive offers going in the clinics for now. Also, there are slashed prices for the trial session, which is given to you, so you can truly experience the laser session. The treatment is totally safe and painless.

LASER treatments are totally skin friendly, moreover, the LASER treatments at MEADOWS are tested and tried over the Indian Skin and have been really successful. We would still be offering you a FREE patch test, so you can have the feel of the treatment and you will notice that it is not at all allergic or painful.

We do not prescribe any medicines/ointments unless you have a very dry / sensitive skin.

No, Laser Hair Free doesn’t require any real downtime. Immediately after the laser session, your treated skin might be little red for a very short period of time. Despite this, most people return to their everyday activities.

Yes of course on the body! On the face we request you leave the area between sessions so we can closely monitor the progress for you and use the best settings as the hair can get very light and thin quickly. The body is fine to shave if you see any growth.

Laser Packages are priced as per the length of the session and the number of sessions that may be required. To let you know about either, we will need to perform a skin and hair analysis, which is totally FREE of cost. We would suggest that you avail our Counselling accompanied with FREE Skin & Hair Analysis and discuss the same over Gandharva Signature drink. You will not need to pay anything till the time you are totally satisfied with the program, and you decide to book the package, which will be customized specially for you.

At Present, MEADOWS is offering Free SKIN & Hair Analysis. You need to connect with us by clicking on the link below for ‘BOOK AN APPOINTMENT’ to avail the Complimentary Consultation.

Before & After - Laser Hair Removal


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