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Under-eye dark circles treatments at our skin clinic Meadows Wellness gives instant and effective results.
1. BOTANICAL & CHEMICAL PEELS: Chemical Peel is one of the most common and effective treatments for under-eye dark circles. The procedure uses alpha hydroxy acids, for example glycolic acid, that is useful in lightening hyperpigmentation under the eyes.
2. PRP For Under Eye Rejuvenation: Platelet Rich Plasma helps in under eye rejuvenation by improving dark circle appearance and also helps in reducing the sunken eyes and fine lines.
3. FILLERS: Fillers are a good option to reduce the sunken under eye area and thus improving dark circle appearance. In such cases, patients can have injections of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or hyaluronic acid gel into the affected area under the eye or sometimes can combines both the treatments.
4. LASER TREATMENT: Laser treatment for dark circles is also popular. The procedure includes the usage of a laser beam that is absorbed deep down the skin.
5. MESOTHERAPY: Mesotherapy is an effective technique that helps to lighten up the under eye dark circles.

1. What are dark circles?
Periorbital dark circles, commonly known as dark circles, can be caused by various exogenous and endogenous factors; they can make your face appear dull and exhausted. Dark circles may not be permanent, but they can be reduced with proactive dark circle treatments.
Dark circles tend to make you look extremely tired even at times you are not, which is why treating them is essential. They can also take a toll on one’s professional and personal outlook, by making you look older and fatigued; hence, getting rid of dark circles is important for your confidence, as well.
Adult men and women are affected by dark circles, but it’s quite rare to see it in children. This is because the appearance of dark circles occurs with age, along with thinning of skin and loss of collagen. Fatigue and stress may not be the only cause of dark circles, but these factors do have a negative impact on your skin and they increase the possibility of developing dark circles.
Based on your complexion, dark circles can vary from purple to dark brownish in color. Lifestyle changes can also be a reason for developing dark circles. Localized swelling, or people suffering from fluid imbalance issues, can experience puffy eyelids which can shadow the under eye portion and it results in dark circles. Genetics can be another reason for dark circles, as well.

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